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Campaign Budget Optimization

Maximize your ROI by optimizing your ad spending for the post possible ad sets.

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Ad Scheduling

Know your audience's habits online and maximize the possibility for them to see your ad.

Location Targeting

Target specific geographic locations your audience may exist and be more precise with ads.

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Saved Audiences

Saving your audiences allows you to include and exclude the proper potential clients.

Included In The Management Plan

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Campaign Setup

Making use of strong media partnerships, the latest technology, and awareness of the regulatory space, we’re able to not only launch and reach new prospects never before attainable, but do so in a 100% compliant process.

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We’ll help drive new user acquisition, retain current customers through paid advertising, and deliver targeted short-form ads and reach, educate, engage, and convert your audience, making your brand more identifiable than ever before.

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Ad Creation

High engagement, visual media, and an integrated perspective creates the perfect space to capture your audience in a compelling, authentic, engaging space that offers a unique way of discovery.

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Banner Design

Prefer to do the work yourself? No problem, we’ll set up an online meeting to consult and teach you how to do any of our services.

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We’ll install, optimize, and develop truly personalized, one-to-one conversations that cut through the competitive noise in your vertical, and drive incredible revenue and sales, or qualified leads directly to your door.

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We’ll use our knowledge of omnichannel platforms to create multi-touchpoint campaigns that create and nurture prospects for your brand across the customer journey.

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Conversion Tracking

We’ll develop multichannel executions to drive awareness to consideration, and down to ultimately convert those nurtured audiences. By mediating this process on your behalf, you are equipped with professional media execution that only needs one word to start generating results: “Go”.

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We’re here to help you break down digital marketing reporting into bite sized chunks! Reports are what retain clients, helping to demystify all of the “analytics” related to the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

In all likelihood, your competitor is. Paid ads through the Facebook platform are almost necessary to reach potential customers you are missing out on. You can’t stand out if your competitor is advertising on Facebook and you are not.

Yes, they do. Brands and industries all over the United States have utilized Facebook Ads and have benefited greatly. Simply posting organically on Facebook will not expand your reach and help you find potential customers. If your initial campaign is not successful, it can be tweaked and optimized to better reach potential clients.

There are a few ways to do this. One way is with A/B testing and circulating the successful ads. Show your value and creating a call-to-action is another. In your free consultation with Avatardesk, our experts can explore a number of approaches that’s best for your industry.

A boosted post allows for a larger reach on the platform. Your post will be distributed to thousands of people who have expressed interest in what you have to offer.
A targeted ad campaign allows you to dictate where your ad will be placed and who it will be targeted.

The cost of Facebook Ads depends on your geographic location, the amount of competition, and your budget. You’ll be in total control of your budget. Facebook offers a flexible way to ensure you’re getting value for money and making the most of your advertising campaigns. It allows you to set daily or campaign-wide spending limits, as well as maximums for individual ad views and other desired actions. This ensures that you remain in full control and can track results accurately.

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