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How valuable is a logo?

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Logo design is one of the most challenging aspects of graphic design. A well-developed logo requires the designer to research, posses and use creativity and the final design must evoke emotion. Representing a brand or company in a simplistic clear and concise way is the main function of any great logo design.

How valuable is a logo?

Since a logo is supposed to be the graphical representation of a brand, its value is intimately tide to the value of what it represents. A logo can represent a single entrepreneurial endeavor or a multimillion corporate entity; therefore, its value can only be gaged by what the logo represents.

Color Matters

The selection of color is another very important aspect to consider when developing a brand identity. But, as important as this may be, a well-designed logo must also be able to work in black and white. The reasoning behind this is that every single application of the logo must be considered. Is the logo going to be used in clothing items? embroidered? Will it need to be faxed overseas? Does the logo need to work in front of a dark background? So much of the research that encompasses logo design must be dedicated to answer these questions.


Many brands are represented with two elements. The graphical element and the typographical one that spell the brands name. This is a good strategy because the final design can lend flexibility to what part is used. Think of the Nike checkmark. At times, it is used along side the word Nike, but other times the checkmark is used alone like in the side of their boxes. The two element design easily also allows variations in orientation of the brand. If the layout calls for a horizontal orientation both elements can be displayed side by side, but if the design requires a vertical orientation, the elements can be stacked one atop the other.

Brand Standards

Any logo design strategy must be accompanied by a set of standardization rules that will dictate any application. They must encompass color definitions in CMYK, Spot Color, and RGB. If the logo is to be used online, then a web safe hexadecimal color definition must be included. It must also include a set of layout rules that clearly define the proportion and orientation allowed. A logo brand strategy is to always be constantly represented. Repetition is essential but for it to be effective, constancy is of paramount importance.

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