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The Power Of Branding

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Branding is all about perception. Everything starts with a robust logo design. Once this is in place the key is to keep everything consistent. Brand recognition is base on repetition. You must keep your brand’s identity looking the same with a coherent brand strategy.

All About Color

We all know that color is an essential aspect of any well-developed brand identity. Color evokes emotion, and it has to be carefully defined to be able to represent your brand’s identity. Once a color palette is determined, it is crucial to be able to reproduce it with consistency across all intended applications. Therefore all colors that encompass your brand’s strategy are to be defined on each color space that is required. As an example, if you intend to market your brand through printing, then you must consider which printing methods you will be using.

  1. Will you be printing with Spot colors to make T-Shirts?
  2. Will you be printing envelopes in large quantities?
  3. Or will all your materials be printed digitally?

For this to be consistent, your brand’s color palette must include both spot (Pantone), and CMYK color definitions. As far as digital media you must also include RGB and websafe color definitions. Defining this will help keep the consistency of color on any TV or web initiative.

Fonts Are Important

Just like color can evoke emotion, choosing the right font is just as important. Selecting a primary and secondary font might seem trivial, but it is not. A font can depict emotion just as much as the colors you use for your brand. Remember, branding is all about perception. It is all about feeling. There is an unwritten rule in graphic design that dictates not to use the same font as your primary or secondary selections as the fonts used in your logo. The reason being is that the font used in your logo must be unique and stand on its own. Using the same font in your copy will only dilute your logos impact.

At Avatardesk we understand all these aspects of a well-developed brand strategy. Therefore that is why we place great care into everything we do. In conclusion, we take into account how your brand will be applied, what it must convey and most importantly, that it evokes the emotional response you are trying to achieve.

Give us a call today; we can take your company’s image to the next level!

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